About Us

Chris & Lourdes

Pastor Lourdes Thompson has been a part of Bay City Church from its conception 2004. In 2008, Lourdes began to lead the New Christians Ministry with a passion and devotion to see the Kingdom of God advance with strong disciples of Christ. Prior to her leadership of New Christians, baptism were held after the service at the back of the church in the lane way, using a make shift Clark Rubber 500mm height pool and one guitarist/singer playing worship music with a few members of the congregate attending.

Lourdes had a strong desire to conduct the baptisms in the church services. After a great deal of research and design preparation, portable baptistry was finally completed.  Bay City Church first baptism was held using the new baptistry in 2010 with Lourdes and her husband Chris conducting the baptisms.

It was during the development stage of this innovative idea that Lourdes felt the Holy Spirit tell her that other churches are in need of this baptistry. After completing a Business Course and producing a business plan and with the incredible support of her loving husband Chris, the journey began to establish Bapitstry Australia in 2014.

Lourdes’ goal is to resource the churches of Jesus Christ with this God-given vision of a portable Baptistry so that the Kingdom of God would expand and Jesus be glorified as believers celebrate their salvation with a baptismal ceremony in their church services where the whole congregation can celebrate with them.